February 29, 2020

Credit bureau-free loan for pensioners

The development of income over the past 10 years cannot be described as inflation-covering for pensions. In addition, advancing generations of pensioners will have to cope with the real pension cuts in agenda policy. It is therefore not surprising that more and more pensioners are facing financial difficulties. A Credit bureau-free loan for retirees can be the last resort out of the financial crunch. But getting the loan is not easy and inexpensive.

Credit bureau-free loan for pensioners – the bundling of problem specifications

Credit bureau-free loan for pensioners - the bundling of problem specifications

A Credit bureau-free loan is basically possible for pensioners. However, many factors can come together that make the loan significantly more expensive or even impossible. First of all, the income situation of the average pensioner is a problem. Credit bureau-free loans do not take the Credit bureau test, but the ability to repay them is essential. Those who cannot repay are not creditworthy at any commercial bank in the world.

The average pension in the west is just above the garnishment limit in the east of the republic even below. It is therefore not always possible to speak of a secure repayment ability, as is necessary for foreign loans without Credit bureau. In addition, the future prospects are bad.

Outside the election years, inflation-compensating pension increases are not to be expected. Another problem area is the age of the elderly. Many offers are linked to taking out residual debt insurance. However, it is extremely expensive for seniors. The signs for a loan can hardly be more difficult.

The private loan as an alternative

The private loan as an alternative

Smaller loan amounts can be possible as a Credit bureau-free loan for pensioners via one of the large personal loan platforms. The expectation of the loan amount should not be too high. Private investors are free to choose whom to lend to.

A pensioner loan, despite a negative Credit bureau, can be approved within the framework of human understanding for the precarious situation. The desire to help is the reason for lending. Unlike the state or many banks, private donors see the person who has problems with the borrower.

A personal loan for pensioners, which enables a real improvement in living conditions, should come from the family. As previously the parents stood up for the children, the children should now apply for the loan for their parents. Low interest rates, the omission of the Credit bureau exam and residual debt insurance for grandma or grandpa are a real help.

Social organizations and church sponsors as lenders

Social organizations and church sponsors as lenders

There is no help from the state for pensioners even in emergency situations, such as an urgent repair of the washing machine. Cities and municipalities in various federal states were called upon to research this article.

All of the clerks surveyed agreed on one thing. No money is planned in the household to give pensioners an emergency loan. A Credit bureau-free loan for pensioners, whether for electricity bills or washing machine repairs, could only come from the charities or the church.

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